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how to clean Epson print head nozzles which are blocked or clogged

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How to clean Epson print head nozzles which are blocked or clogged ?

In two different ways, you can clean the blocked Epson printhead nozzles. One is an automatic process, while the other one is manual.
Epson print head cleaning cycle
• Turn on the printer, put papers in the feeder tray.
• Ensure no error on the LCD screen (address the issue if you find any error).
• Click the Home button on the control panel.
• Tap the Setup button and choose Maintenance.
• Now select Print head Nozzle Check.
• Epson will deliver the test report.
• If you find the gaps in the coloured grid, click Clean the print head.
• If there are no gaps, select Done.

Cleaning with distilled water
• Turn off your printer.
• Open the access door of your Epson device.
• Locate a lever near the print head, pull it down to release the print head.
• You might have to make a bit of adjustment to release it entirely from the slots.
• Further, you will see the sponges which store the ink.
• Take a syringe and saturate the sponge with distilled water. (You can also use an eyedropper)
• After 30 minutes, print a document with high-quality images. Repeat the process until you get clear printouts.

Using these measures, you can clean Epson printhead nozzles which are blocked or clogged.

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